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The Best Dubai Beaches List in U.A.E

List of the 10 Most Beautiful and the Best Beaches in Dubai - and why it is worth visiting them

Dubai has several beautiful beaches

Spend a day with relaxing and sunbathing on the beaches is one of the things to do in Dubai. Here there is a lot of sand and sun. The best conditions for inhabitants and visitors, relaxed to enjoy life. 

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You can enjoy this on one of the many free beaches; or one of the many luxury 5 star beach club, where every wish is read your eyes. Here you can swim in the pool or in the sea; let your personal butler for the best service and enjoy the sun on the white sand beach.

list of beaches in Dubai

In Dubai there is only desert. The city consists only of dust and sand. And there's nothing to try and see. Yes, the camels are still there and the United Arab Emirates people always carry a hawk in their arms and eating dates. 

In addition, living in tents in the desert, they are always looking for the next oasis and all women must go around completely veiled. These are the questions and typical prejudices.

But how is that really?

And what kind of beaches are there? And how is that actually with bikini, mini skirt, short pants or tummy-free on the beach?

Dubai - the land of superlatives

Dubai is part of the Federation of the UAE. A total of seven emirates are included. The most famous are Dubai and Abu Dhabi. They are bordering Saudi Arabia and Oman. The Emirates are connected by many as Saudi Arabia.

Women are not allowed to drive a car, just run veiled and have nothing to report in any case. Dubai has much in common with Saudi Arabia. Just because the border countries; even they have their own language, culture and habits. Of course, there are similarities.

The Emirates are very Western. Dubai is one of the most international in the world. Only 20% represent the emirates, the locals. The remaining 80% comes from all over the world.

Dubai is the best example of what great things can happen; when so many different cultures and nations meet.

Here we have listed the 10 best Beaches in Dubai, I hope you will have an extraordinary experience to be there.
  1. The World Island - Lebanon Island

The World Island - Lebanon Island UAE

Also known as The World Iceland Lebanon, it is one of the most spectacular sights of Dubai. The island is part of The World project, which is currently still under development. It is one of the first island to be completed and opened to the public. 

There are a total of 300 islands. The island can only be reached by water taxi from Jumeirah Sea Fishing (Fisherman Marina Jumeirah).

Admission (including transfer by boat) to the island costs 200 AED per person and the trip takes about 15 minutes. Every hour from 11 am leaving the boat. 

The island does not offer overnight. But you can spend a wonderful day. And 'relatively small, with its 2000 square meters. There is a restaurant, bar, swimming pool and sports activities.
It 's definitely an amazing experience; and from the beach you can enjoy spectacular views of the Dubai skyline.
  1. The Palm: Anantara Beach

The Palm: Anantara Beach UAE

The Palm Anantara Resort and Spa is located on the outside of the palm area and offers a private beach and swimming pool that you can use, but also as a non-host against entry. Of course it is not cheap.
The Palm Jumeirah is also one of the most luxurious and exclusive hotels in the world.
The resort offers a wide range of activities and opportunities for relaxation, motorized water sports are not allowed here. 

From the beach you can watch the area inside of the palm and Atlantis. A special highlight here are the pool facilities, which you can easily reach with two steps from the room. An overnight stay is worth it!
  1. The Palm: Rixos

The Palm: Rixos Dubai Beach

Rixos The Palm Dubai is located at the famous Palm Jumeirah, with views of the Dubai skyline. It is a family resort and offers both quiet places and party celebrations.

If you're not a guest in the hotel, the private beach can be used against input. And 'the only resort on The Palm, where motorized water sports are allowed. 

Here you can for example fly boarding test and feel like one of the Fantastic Four, when you glide with the stream of water above the water.
  1. Kite Beach Dubai

Kite Beach Dubai UAE

As the name suggests, the Kite beach is the absolute hot spot for kite surfers. It is one of the best beaches of Dubai. A Kite Beach, kite enthusiasts meet; people who want to be there and those who just want to watch the spectacular show on the water. 

On this beach you can hire not only the equipment needed for kite; but also try what gives the sport its appeal. Especially during the afternoon hours they are interesting experiences to do. 
But even if you do not have sporting ambitions and just want to see, the Kite beach is worth a trip.
Children enjoy the parks of beach games, while watching the kite to their works of bold art or enjoy the fantastic views of the Gulf and the Burj al Arab

The beach is open to the public, on the border with the long Umm Suqueim Beach. From the beach you can see both the Burj Al Arab and the Burj Khalifa here. 

The Kite Beach offers something for everyone. There are many best restaurants and lots of opportunities to go to the beach or in the water.

On the beach there is a climbing park or skate. And then you can also go kite surfing banana boat, donut or kayaking. 

There is also a great racing circuit, which connects almost all the beaches of Dubai. And if you do not like, you can simply enjoy the turquoise water. 

5. The Beach - Marina JBR

The Beach - Marina JBR UAE

"The Beach" by Marina and Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR short) is probably the best known and most popular family beach in Dubai. The beach is public and provides all that - so really anything you can imagine. 

A large sports and entertainment program offers a lot of variety. Whether paragliding, wakeboarding or a ride on the banana, the aquatic sports offered leaves nothing to be desired.

There are water parks, large parks exceptional games and water sports such as Fly Council, jet ski or Seabreacher (a kind of submarine with which you can jump like a dolphin in the water). 

But also a trip on a ship of the desert is possible here. On the back of a camel passes along the beach. The view falls either the sea or the Dubai Marina skyscrapers.

You can enjoy the trampoline or the open-air gym. There are countless restaurants, shops, boutiques, a market, a fair and even a cinema. You will not get bored here both during the day and evening. In fact, it's one of the best beaches in Dubai, UAE.
  1. Barasti Beach UAE

Barasti Beach Dubai UAE

The Barasti Beach is the capital of Dubai's entertainment. And 'it opens daily from 11 am and accessible to all (if the goalkeeper leaves one). Admission is free and more than 21 years, the age drinking.
It is one of the few public beaches in Dubai where they sell alcohol. This is why it is especially popular among the younger generation.
During the day it is cold here and, of course, already well fed. In the evenings, especially on weekends, DJs and live music on two levels go party. Upstairs there is also a large screen. It becomes especially crowded in here.
  1. Burj Al Arab Beach

Burj Al Arab Beach in Dubai UAE

The Beach Burj Al Arab is a public beach. And as the name suggests, it offers the best view of the Burj Al Arab. The beach is divided into a surf and a bathroom. Especially surfers come here willingly. 

The beach is wide and everywhere you will find a quiet place for itself. Here also it runs the wonderful distance running, as already mentioned at Kite Beach. 

In one of the so-called "smart Palme", ​​a solar Palma, you can charge your cell phone while relaxing on a sofa. Quite handy.
  1. Al Sufouh Beach

Al Sufouh Beach UAE

Al Sufouh Beach is a beautiful public beach, just south of the Burj Al Arab. You also have here, such as the Burj Al Arab Beach a great view of the construction. 

Moreover, even in The Palm Jumeirah. The water is wonderful turquoise. The beach is very wide and, despite many families the beach is not crowded. 

It 'important to note that there are no public facilities and you must take care of themselves.
  1. Al Mamzar Beach Park

Al Mamzar Beach Park Dubai UAE

In an area of ​​106 hectares, Al Mamzar Beach Park offers not only the four beautiful sandy beaches; but also perfectly cut lawns and shady palm trees. Among them, the bathers walk along well-maintained trails for pedestrians and cyclists. 

The view of Lagunenufer contrast is very nice, the view of the Sharjah skyline with its tall tower bizarre peaks. Toilets and showers are available. the watercraft owners are waiting here for water sports.

The Al Mamzar Beach Park is very far from the city but very close to Dubai International Airport. You could say it is a little hidden gem. 

The park is huge and has five beaches; a swimming pool, large green areas and a lot of sports activities. You can have wonderful relaxing barbecues or shared. This is why many families and groups come here. 

Only costs 5 AED for the input and the pool area again in more. The park offers so-called chalet, small cottages, to rent for one day. These are equipped with kitchen, shower, toilet and a small garden with barbecue.

   10. Palm Beach Dubai

Palm Beach Dubai UAE

They are among the best hotels in the Emirate, such as the 7-star Burj Al Arab and Jumeirah Beach Hotel; and they have been awarded the most beautiful places in the sun along the white sands and clear waters of Jumeirah.

On private beaches you have the chance to enjoy water sports of the exclusive type. Dubai has the money to build everything getting bigger, better and more expensive.

The Palm Jumeirah is the result of the Palm Jebel Ali, Deira or the world. These projects make Dubai unmistakable especially from the air. The Burj Khalifa is currently the tallest building in the world at 828 m.
You can go skiing in the shopping center, ice skating or diving with sharks. In short, you can do everything you want - just everything.And, of course, it is obvious that the beaches in Dubai are something special and have a lot to offer.

Dubai rules

Clothing in general - Dubai Dress Code

Men can usually wear shorts and t-shirt. The shorts should get better over the knees. Long pants are generally better seen. In some buildings you can enter only with long trousers. closed shoes are also best seen of flip flops.

The buildings are so cooled in each case; that one would rather move with the long stuff. Many women now run very relaxed and partly also very lightly dressed.
However, as a woman you should take care to always have something to cover shoulders and knees. Showing a lot of skin is still considered offensive.
Although it is more and more tolerated. In some mosques there are the so-called abaya borrow to cover themselves completely.

Beach wear

Bikini, Badeshorts and other usual beach clothes for Europeans is now seen very freely. Especially on very touristy beaches. Meanwhile, many different nations living in Dubai that a relatively Western attitude has established itself.

Up-no is not allowed for women in general, but it is tolerated on some beaches. One must be careful, however, since the penalties can be very high. On every beach, there are concrete rules of principle for warning.

Alcohol, cigarettes and drugs

Alcohol and cigarettes can only be consumed for 21 years. In some hotels and restaurants, alcohol is served. Drinking in public is prohibited. In union at the kiosk or distributor; You will be looking for in vain alcohol.

This is why the Duty Free Shop at Dubai International Airport is popular. You can quite legally purchase wine, beer or something harder upon arrival. Other drugs are not recommended.

in torque behavior

For a kiss in public and to keep your hands is now completely synonymous. Someone should not be exposed to any adultery or on the beach to fall over each other.

After all

Dubai is cosmopolitan and at the conscious tradition. As in any country you are visiting, you should adapt to local conditions. Respectful behavior and you spend one of the best moments of your life.

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The Best Places to Visit in Dubai UAE

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We’ve listed the Best places to visit in Dubai UAE. From Burj Al-Arab to Burj Khalifa, and from Jumeirah Beach Park to Palm Islands and Lake Towers.

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Lamborghini Aventador has been delivered to Dubai Police

Dubai police is done with a Lamborghini Aventador

Although we are used to seeing high end cars dressed in the colors of the police, including the Lamborghini Gallardo of the Carabinieri, the Mégane RS of the French Gendarmerie or the impressive fleet of security forces in Qatar, we had not yet seen any Lamborghini Aventador with lights and siren.
Lamborghini Aventador Dubai Police Car UAE
Lamborghini Aventador Dubai Police Car
The supercar of images, which sports a white body with green stripes, has just been delivered to Dubai Police. The emirate will use this beast to strengthen its image of luxury and prosperity (will be felt by tourist areas), and not for high - speed chases as we might have thought at first.
In addition to the expensive Italian bull with 700 hp V12engine, the Dubai police is waiting for a shipment of patrol cars, but not just any car except Chevrolet Camaro. 

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New Mitsubishi Lancer eX ( Evolution X ) Final Edition The Best Selling Car of the Year in UAE. The Best Article

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Online Job portals in Afghanistan and in the World

 List of Online Job Search Websites in Afghanistan and in the World

How to advertise online jobs started more than 10 years ago as a copy of the form used in newspapers for decades: the name of the position offered, requirements and contact details. In the beginning, not even an email to contact, but a phone and an address was provided.
In short, the Internet was used as a simple substitute for the role and was understandable, given that current developments were merely in the mind of the most visionary. Now, we are witnessing the multitude of advantages that offered by job portals and career networks like Kabul jobs and employment agencies, which, rather than just reporting, manage the process of seeking employment or find candidates, benefiting both professionals and recruiters.
Job search websites in Afghanistan and in the world
 Not all pages where you find job vacancies in Afghanistan are advertised on job portals. The Spanish author Raquel Gonzalez Sabin, in his book New Technology applied to the management of Human Resources, tells us that these sites are not "bulletin boards" but "integrated employment management platforms" that allow targeted searches by company , position, location, date, salary and any other variable and including additional services such as articles of interest, online counseling, load Curriculum Vitae, video interviews and what emerges from the creative mind of developers.

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Job portals, increasingly sophisticated, as we can see on the sites OCCMundial and Bumeran, to name just two examples, offer many advantages to the seeker and the recruiter, with the result that the job search through the newspaper, it revealed as insufficient and ineffective, especially for younger people who have grown up savoring the sweetness of hypertext and interactive websites.
Like everything virtual, it has the enormous advantage of having no location limitations. A candidate, if desired, can look for job in any country in the world and apply them via the Internet. There are job portals even offer the service of job interviews by video call, allowing contact between company and candidate, regardless of distance without overspending.
Among job portals distinguish between general and sector, the latter tending to disappear. The general publish vacancies all branches, classifying them strictly and offering an agile and simple search. Sectoral portals specialize in a work field, as Gastronomy, Hospitality and Information Technology, but the shortage of vacancies offered,  far from having the success of the general portals.
We must distinguish between job portals and electronic labor exchanges. Quoting Raquel Gonzalez again, we have the labor exchanges are limited means, "because its aim is to bring together suppliers and purchasers, its main and only function, report on job openings and resumes received".
It tells us that usually, the Labor Exchanges found as a section over websites of universities, municipal governments, trade associations or business, newspapers and all kinds of pages unskilled employment. While you may find interesting vacancies at some point, we will not find the professional support provided specialized portals.
In addition to the career networks and job boards, you can find vacancies on the websites of many companies. Major corporations, aware of the need for talent, their portals have joined a page of races, offering their own vacancies. However, virtually all also posting here, make use of job portals to publicize their vacanciesWith all these options at your fingertips in this era, you are in the best time in history to find any possible vacancy anywhere in the world.
And while we do not underestimate the usefulness of the ads in non - specialized websites, we encourage you to make the most of the many advantages of the best portals of time, which you will find in this list.

Good search!









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How to Succeed in Kabul Jobs Selection Process

Best Jobs Selection Process tips 

The current reality of the labor market seems to breathe after a difficult period. The number of selection processes has a little bit increased due to the slight recovery already seen in some companies in Afghanistan. But competition is still important: for every job vacancies in Kabul that is published hundreds of resumes are received. Given the above, it is essential to understand and put into practice a good strategy to get out of any selection process. Why Monster offers different advice and recommendations to make an excellent debut in interviews:

  • Structuring a good curriculum: This is the first step and one of the most important, because through this 'letter' people are selected from hundreds of candidates. With an orderly and complete CV, the professional can win the sympathy of the interviewers and gain greater visibility to a competition full of talent.

  • Get ready inside and out: After the phone call to close a personal encounter, the candidate must analyze the philosophy of the company, the Kabul job vacancy and even inquire about the career of the person who will perform the interview. It is also important to be rested and properly dressed.

  • With one foot inside: It is essential to be on time! In the case of individual interviews, many have a limited time, since each time can be more than one person interviewed. On the other hand, if the first interview the candidate may have to participate in a group dynamic and typically do not expect to begin testing. Once started, it is important to remain calm and not to panic, symptoms can consider interviewers who are facing an insecure person.

  • In the dynamic: The candidate must participate in brief and concise, as long as no input ratings that enrich the opinions of the other candidates or, otherwise, that generate debate. Never interrupt candidates or moderators. It is essential to maintain the look and smile to the other participants.

  • Face: Having overcome all the above steps, the candidate has 80% of the process earned. However, the individual interview is critical for successful out of the selection process. First, the candidate must maintain the delicacy, education and humility at all times. Do not brag about old jobs and / or professional experience, it is important to empathize with the interviewer. Maintain a relaxed conversation is also a good strategy to win the trust. In addition, always keep your eyes because it denotes sincerity and security.

  • Before the big boss: After this long journey, the candidate may be tired. However, it must stand firm, vigorous, and especially motivated It's the last step! The head does not have much time to listen carefully to each applicant, so he must be sold in about 30 seconds with each question.

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iPhone 7 One of the most powerful smartphone in UAE